A Message From The Chancellor / Visioner

A Message From The Chancellor / Visioner

Happy New Year To All Our Friends and Students Around the World.

You will experience a touch of God in 2017, in Jesus name. Amen

It is said that leaders are born and not made; yet , we on the board of Anoited University Ministries (AUM) believe that in the right environment, with the right balance of academic and spiritual christian life, it is possible to instill leadership qualities in any person.

Prof. George Aladeoba. Chancellor at Anoited University Ministries, South Africa.

In the year 1997, God spoke to me to establish a university ministry, a christian center for learning that will unite external and internal factors; that will bring together local and international knowledge – and best practices; that will instill values of biblical ethos – values approved by God Almighty the creator of all the earth – elements that will birth a new generation of men and women with the heart of mind of Daniel and the wisdom of Solomon.

Our Aim is to raise men and women of character who have wisdom, respect of self, others and life, who will fight for justice and above all, who have a deep fear of God. Such leaders will ensure needs and aspirations of the world over.

Our track record shows that since year 1998, we have produced graduates in the christian education and pastoral ministry.

Can there be more fertile ground than the future generation of christ kingdom in the world?

We invite you; our esteemed friends to join us making this vision a reality as we build Full Light City Campus in Gauteng Province of South Africa.

We humbly ask for your financial support in order for this project to be accomplished on or before 2025. For Donation information towards the project, please click here or call (+27)735960500.

Full Light City Campus Project