About Anoited University

Anoited University (anoiteduniversity.org) is a product of the educational vision of Apostle George Aladeoba, the motivator and President of Anoited University Ministries Worldwide.

God mandated Apostle George Aladeoba in 1998 with a vision to raise a generation of people strong in faith, strong in wisdom and doing exploits in life. The vision found expression in the establishment of Anoited University Ministries, in line with the educational visionary pursuit of its President to raise men and make them mighty, set out to establish Anoited University to graduate integrated students, who will be people of integrity, character and strong in wisdom by means of renewing their spirit, mind and body. These aspirations and goals are captured in the vision and mission of the University.

Our Mission Statement

The vision of Anoited University is to be a center of excellence for the production of graduates who are worthy in learning and character as well as sound in mind, body and spirit for outstanding leadership and global impact.

The Anoited Mandate

Godliness: Forms the bedrock of our existence as a University and defines every aspect of our operations and context. The Christian ethos guides our activities and conduct at all times and every student of Anointed
University is expected to exhibit character traits and dispositions of Jesus­ centered heritage. The Jesus centered approach to all issues is non-negotiable and central in the pursuit of our mandate in raising a new generation of leaders and in the realization of the objectives of our purpose. Therefore, students will be committed to maintaining a high level of godliness and shall act in such manner as to facilitate their spiritual growth as well as work out ways to evolve and implement a spiritual development plan. Attendance at Chapel Services is part of students’ spiritual development. Students are expected to demonstrate a deep reverence for God at all times. The aim is to eliminate occultism and other vices in society.

Confidence: Students of Anoited University are expected to exhibit character, attitudes and habits exuding self-confidence and dignity at all levels through communication, interaction and general conduct. They are expected to see themselves as persons of worth and value, taking pride in their uniqueness as individuals with a positive mindset devoid of any trace of inferiority but a strong belief in self and nation as well as articulating their core purpose as individuals and a possibility mindedness directed towards positive achievement and contribution.

Mental Empowerment: We are committed to raising students who themselves show commitment to a life style of continuous academic and personal development, striving to be continuously relevant to the Overall vision requirement of the University as well as its core mission, goals and objectives. Students are encouraged to constantly seek paths for self-improvement. Openness to learning new skills and taking onboard new information are traits expected of Anoited University students in order to cause a robustness and depth in the quality of their output.

5 Foundational Pillars At Anoited University Ministries (AUM)


A man may rise to the top by craftiness, but only integrity can keep him there. Students of Anoited University are therefore expected to demonstrate qualities of honesty, uprightness and trustworthiness at all times. They must ensure that they are accountable persons, whose word is their bond, transparent and open in all their dealings and flagging truth as a virtue at all times, particularly, in conduct branding the core values of the University. Integrity in matters of conduct during examination, obeying the rules and regulations, being spiritually sound, morally upright and having a good conscience.


Doing the right thing at the right time and for the right reasons is one of the values of life we want our students to hold dear. We are committed to inculcating a sense of accountability in our students. We expect them to do what is right at all times. We believe in the place of discipline for effective leadership, responding to issues as demanded not as convenient. Here, at Anoited University, our students are not permitted to do what they like but what is right. Punctuality to lectures as well as prompt response to assignments as demanded are desired traits of accountability. Doing what is right, not just what you like is a mark of honor

Leadership Excellence

Only the diligent eventually stand before Kings. Therefore, students of Anoited University are expected to be strongly committed to their assignments. We expect that they will demonstrate the virtues of hard work and deliver qualitative output and constantly strive towards excellent, attainment of high standards, in all they do. They must be resourceful, doing everything to improve on themselves and their performance. We believe that commitment is the greatest qualifier for attainment, hence, our celebration of this trait in preparing students for leadership responsibilities after graduation.

Harnessing Uniqueness

It takes a team to make the dream work. One is too small a number to achieve great results. As an individual, you are only a voice, but together we are a force. Synergy is basically achieving more together as a team than the sum of all working as Individuals. Our students will understand and celebrate the individual uniqueness of their Fellow students with the view of harnessing and harmonizing them for geometric results. When effort is combined, effort is multiplied. That is the product of effective synergy.

Pay Now, Play Later

Going up requires giving up something. We want our students to know that life is in phases. The phase they are in as students requires giving up pursuit of some extra-ordinary pleasures so they can go up in their intellectual pursuit. This is where priority comes in. Sacrifice is the ultimate price for outstanding leadership. It is the quality of right placement of priority that defines great leadership. We expect students of Anoited University to go the extra mile, paying the extra price in the attainment of their set goals. Raising an altar of sacrifice in pursuit of their dreams is what must distinguish and define the Anoited University Students. If you play now, you pay later. Priority says “pay now and play later.”


A team of intellectuals with spiritually endowment, commitment, integrity and character.

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