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All intending students can now enroll for their desired course(s) and program(s) on our improved website from the comfort of their respective locations, using any device (phones, tablets, laptops, computers) on all OS (Apple / iOS, Windows, Linux, Andriod, Blacberry, etc), simply visit

Telephone: (+27) 11 02 48 372

Let's Get You Started!

If you need assistance, AUM highly-qualified team of admission associate are here to counsel you in planning the right course load that fits your lifestyle and needs for online and campus admission.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact +27110564247, +27735960500, +27737472009 or email

Anointed University is fully credited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Anointed University admits students or any race, creed, and national or ethnic origin. Return printed copies of AUM application forms with a check made payable to Anointed University for the nonrefundable application fee. Information for all sites concerning campus security programs, recommended personal safety practices, the authority of University Safety Officers, campus disciplinary procedures, and campus crime statistics for the most recent three year period can be found online at or may be requested from University Safety at (+27) 110565247.

At AUM, It's Personal

``We never want to forget what it's all about; the students`` - We take things personally around here. That's one of the things our students love about us. There's always a friednly staff member to talk to if you need help getting registered or it you have question about your program.
AUM's dedicated advisors, mentors, and tutors are here to help. Our student support services includes; Online Tutoring, English Language Tutoring, Workshops and Seminar, Walk-In Math and Writing Labs, Praxis Help, Peer Mentoring Program, and Career Services.

Get Credit For Your Credit

You shouldn't have to pay for your education twice. Many of our transfer student start their AUM degree program with enough credit the be over halfway through the bachelor's degrees. Whether you've taken a few classes or you already hold on associate degree, your transition to Anoited University is guaranteed to be seamless. Check out our credit transfer tool to learn how your credits transfer to AUM programs. Accelerated option options are also available, so you may be closer to graduation than you think!

1: Fill Your Online Application

Ensure to use only accurate information while filling your application. Please double confirm your contact details (Numbers and Email address) to be accurate.

2; Complete Your Application

Submit your AUM Application online or drop printed copies signed with your R1000 Application fees at the Jo'burg Admission's Office. Payment can also be made online using your Debit or Credit Cards or via EFT Bank Transfers, or Bank Deposits.

3. Send Your Documents

Have your final, official high school transcripts, forwarded directly to the Admission/Online office via email to from your high school.
Students transferring fifteen credits or more from an accredited college or university are exempt from this requirement

4. Send Your Credentials

Have official transcripts from all colleges and universities previously attended forwarded directly to the Admission's Office or emailed to from the previous institutions. Kindly include a clearly scanned copy of your ID/International Passport.

5. Send Medical Reports

Submit a copy of your immunization records or medical aid certificates to (Full-time students, education majors, and nursing majors only).

6. Admission Processing

Once your application has been process, you can register for courses even if yo haven't submitted your other required documentation. All yo need is your Webcampus username and passport, which will be emailed to you as soon as your application has been processed.
*Note that some programs have additional requirements that must be met before registration for courses.

AUM Application Form

If no please complete the information below. All international students must comply with the Bureau of Citizenship and immigration services regulations.
List all college/universities previously attend. List undergraduate experience, then graduate. Please list professional schools and certificate last. Please have official transcripts from all institutions listed below forwarded directly from the school to Anoited University.
I understand that in the course of my association with Anoited University, I will be given the opportunity to participate i many college activities, including athletics, field trips and special events. I hereby agree to assume all risk of injury, loss or damage to my person or property, while engaged in the aforementioned activities or in going to or returning from same. I understand that Anoited University has the authority to withdraw my privilege of admission, enrollment, and/or graduation for academic, disciplinary, legal or other reasons deemed sufficient. I understand that inappropriate, harmful, and/or illegal activities are not permitted on the premises of Anoited University. I give Anoited University permission to define such behavior. Such behavior will be address at the discretion of Anoited University and, if deemed necessary, be reported to legal authorities, employers, and/or professional organizations. I understand that this type of behavior may result in immediate expulsion. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, student have the following rights; 1) Right to inspect and review student's record; 2) Right to seek amendments to record; 3) Right to consent to disclosure ; and 4) Right to file a complaint. These four rights are fully defined in the university catalog and/or on the university website. Please note that all applicants for the College of Education, if accepted, will be required, pursuant to South African Law, to submit to a federal and state criminal background check and a Child Protection (Abuse) Registry check prior to any student teaching placement. Negative or adverse criminal history or listing on any such registry may cause the student to be denied a student teaching placement. A student teaching placement is one of the necessary requirements for an Education Certificate. Your agreement to this application acknowledges that you are aware of and understand this condition. Anoited University is authorized to disclose student information without consent when information is designed as "Directory Information" in the following situations: to to school officials with legitimate educational interest; to an alleged victim of a crime of violence; to officials of another institution where student seeks to enroll; when Controller General of the Republic of South Africa, Secretary of Education, and/or state or local educational authorities request student information; In connection with financial aid for which student has applied; to accrediting agencies; to comply with judicial order or subpoena; and in connection with a health or safety emergency. For a complete list of the items that are considered "Directory Information" please consult the University catalogue or the University website. We, the signatories to this application, understand the financial obligations associated with the admission to and enrollment in Anoited University and assume responsibility for full payment of all fees. We understand the university's withdrawal and refunds policy. I have enclosed the required non-refundable application fee of R1000. I understand that enrollment for future semester depend sun receipt by the Office of Admission of official transcripts from all previously attended academic institutions as well as other required documents. I agree and authorize Anoited University to publish, for public relations purposes, any photograph(s) in which I appear. I agree that all the information provided above has been answered fully and correctly. Omission or falsification of information may be grounds for dismissal.

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  • I enjoyed enrolling for a Diploma program at your school tremendously. I received my certificate, and I would like to thank you for your support. Your course was challenging, but you were always there supporting me and ready to help.

    Graduate Of AUM
  • I was admitted to run a diploma programme at the Anoited University Ministries, Johannesburg South Africa. I encountered a wonderful spiritual experience; it was the best experience of my life with sound spiritual academics.

    Graduate Of AUM
  • What a great Institution called Anoited University, where you enroll as nobody but come out as somebody, I will never forget my wonderful experience at this spiritual intellectual University.

    Graduate Of AUM
  • Anoited University is a place where substance becomes hope and evidence becomes a reality. Thank you Anoited University for this great honor of Honorary Doctorate Degree.

    Honorary Doc Of AUM